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AL-HISTO proposes three types of services:
Assistance for corporate seminars
  • We can organize a cultural visit in and around Paris whose location and commentary are (if possible) related to the theme of the seminar or identity of the company.
  • To encourage communication with/between your clients or within your teams, or to assist in the launch of a product or service in an original or innovative way, AL-HISTO can work with the agency preparing your event to organize an exceptional meal. Discover the type of food and service people enjoyed, thanks to documentation describing the period in question. Relive the age of Vatel, of Pompadour and Rameau, of royal feasts and French service…, invite yourselves to the King's table! See more …
  • By referring to history (in general or about your company, its expertise and its products), we can support the creation of your press packages, sales arguments or prepare a "story telling" for a particular campaign or event.
  • Sponsorship is an interesting means of communication. In addition to the direct and valuable assistance it brings to a cultural institution, it can also optimize your taxes. Within the limit of 0,5% of annual turnover (with a possibility to carry the exceeding amount over the next 5 fiscal years), you can deduct 60% of the amount paid for sponsorship. By carefully choosing your project, it can accompany your company's communication. Thanks to its dual culture, AL-HISTO can put companies in touch with cultural institutions.
  • In the same way, a museum or cultural institution may need sponsors; AL-HISTO can help find them.
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